Our Student Leadership team

Our Student Leadership roles embody completely The Sheffield Private School’s vision ‘Learners of today, leading tomorrow’. Our Head Boy & Head Girl are integral to the strategic direction of our further student leadership team. The student leadership team is comprised of two students in Y11 from each house. Ashoka Kumar and Yarah Arikat lead this team in consultation with key staff members, to develop our school’s innovation, enterprising, artistic and sporting events, as well as act as a support mechanism and representative voice, for all students in academic and extra – curricular matters.
Our student team leaders are shining examples of how our school’s mission is achieved every day through their supportive, innovative, inclusive and dedicated approach towards leading our student body as key stakeholders in our school’s continued success, where all members of our community are able to reach their full potential.

Head Boy
Ashoka Kumar

What an amazing journey it has been! When I look back I realise I have come a long way at TSPS from an hyperactive first grade student to now being the headboy!

The Sheffield Private School has become an integral part of my life. I excelled in my academics, in sports and gained a healthy lifestyle. The school has helped me to evolve as a person, handle social situations and develop relationship among diverse group of people. These exposures have allow me to become a better person and made me the leader that I am today.

The teachers and students have helped me boost my confidence ever since I joined this school eleven years ago. Our teachers are intelligent and passionate people who really care about our development and well being.True integration and true equality were among the valuable lessons I learned from them in this school.

Being headboy gives me the opportunity to represent this school and lead by example, to motivate and assist the students and members of staff. When I decided to run for this position, I thought to myself, why am suitable for this role. And these are few things which makes me qualify for this position. I have the compassion to listen, the ability to work hard and will be able to maintain the high standards and values the School upholds.

I am aware that every students of our TSPS are talented, has strength and potential to succeed, be it in academics or sports or other activities. We are here to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in sports day and colours day. We are here to ensure that everyone has a shot to voice their problems no matter how big or small the issue is and most importantly We are here to ensure that everyone has a sense of belonging to this great school.

I know my role as Headboy comes with huge responsibilities and I plan to deliver to the best of my abilities. I look forward to working with the teachers, staff and students to make our school an even better place to learn!

Head Girl
Yarah Arikat

Through out my 10 years in Sheffield, I have always been interested in leadership positions-as well as team building opportunities. I love being able to develop all my skills in such a healthily competitive environment. It is both mentally and physically stimulating and rewarding, to be have been able to participate in all the school’s student leadership teams throughout my whole school life. Almost everyone is in my family has partaken in a student leadership role-it is something that is rooted in our DNA. I am grateful to be given this opportunity to embody the quires and wishes of my fellow peers and teachers. I hope that I am able to do this school and this leadership team justice-with the aid of my fellow teammates and with the guidance of our terrific teacher faculty.

TSPS has given me the tools that I needed to become a cooperative, determined and educated leader, it has moulded me into the person I am today.

I am determined to aid the development of myself, as well as my fellow peers, into becoming the best Learners of today-in order for us all to become the best we can be.

Deputy Head Boy
Youssef Mahmoud

Relatability, approachability, and humility; a trifecta of values that work hand in hand, differentiating a good representative from a bad one.

Personally, I believe that these three factors are what define a student leader: relatability shows you the unfiltered, raw view from the eyes of every student in school; approachability brings you the gift of criticism; humility comes with the rest, completing a good representative.

The Sheffield Private School has allowed me to take these three factors into consideration and build myself up around them.

As Deputy Headboy, I strive to remain relatable – never forgetting that I, too, expected of student council what is now expected of me; I work on being approachable – maintaining casual friendships with students from many year groups, making sure to listen to their concerns and requests. All while remaining down to earth and humble.

I am nothing more than a member of the great community that the Sheffield Private School provides for its students, giving us room to grow and mature both educationally and socially.

During my time at the Sheffield Private School, I have grown from a shy child trying to fit into the community, into a teenager giving back to the community that accepted me by giving my all for a better tomorrow.

Deputy Head Girl
Shaden Abdelghany

My admiration, love and respect for The Sheffield Private School has fueled my will to help aid each and every member of it. My mission spreads beyond academic achievements. I aspire to work on and improve every aspect of our school experience. From sports to events, I want to tailor our school to all of us. One day at a time.

Becoming Deputy Head Girl sounded like a fantasy to me three years ago. As I saw my role models pour their hearts out to make our school the wonderful place it is, I dreamt of being in their shoes one day. At the time, it seemed so distant for the new kid in school. However, the loving spirit of our community gave me the strength I needed to take on this prestigious position.

I am eternally grateful to be given the chance to represent such a phenomenal school. To portray the honesty, support and kindness of our staff and students is an honour I shall forever hold dear.

The Sheffield Private School has made me who I am today. It has taught me values beyond academics. It has taught me sportsmanship, trust and cooperative skills. I want to spread that message to everyone around me in school today. I want my fellow classmates to be able to leave their prints in the heart of our school.

As a member of the leadership team, I will work day and night to improve, strengthen and make links throughout our community.

In the light of the directive from the Ministry of Education, the school campus will remain closed until further notice.

During this period all our staff is working remotely and students are receiving their lessons via an e-learning platform.

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We wish you good health and look forward to getting back to normal schooling in near future.


    Our Vision at TSPS is to ensure that we are preparing our learners of today for higher education and then careers beyond school.
    We are a constantly evolving school with a clear focus on holistic education, which aims to develop our students academically and personally. We are striving to equip all of our students with the skills needed to become invaluable members of our society.


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