The Head Boy and Girls roles embody completely The Sheffield Private School’s vision ‘Learners of today, leading tomorrow’. Our head boy and girl are integral to the strategic direction of our further student leadership team. The student leadership team is comprised of two students in Y11 from each house. Najoud and Christian lead this team in consultation with key staff members, to develop our school’s innovation, enterprising, artistic and sporting events, as well as act as a support mechanism and representative voice, for all students in academic and extra – curricular matters.
Our Head Boy and Girl are shining examples of how our school’s mission is achieved every day through their supportive, innovative, inclusive and dedicated approach towards leading our student body as key stakeholders in our school’s continued success, where all members of our community are able to reach their full potential.

Christian Jackson, Head Boy

As an infant, I could not really visualise myself being a leader. I was too afraid to disappoint the people around me. It was not always straightforward, since failures and setbacks are inevitable – learning to lead was a scary thought! The Sheffield Private School helped me realise my potential by getting over my fears. By placing myself in challenging situations; I soon realised failure were the stepping stones towards success. A significant change scourged my life as TSPS; as I became more aware of others, responsible, resilient – I grew to become a leader!

TSPS has taught me that limits are something you set out of fear. The Sheffield Private School provides opportunities for students like me to share their hidden talents and reach their true potential. As each person can be unique in their own desired way – much of your strength lies below the surface, so digging deeper is vital. TSPS provides a great opportunities and experiences of what real education is all about.

Najoud Ahmed, Head Girl

Considerate, reliable and leading towards a better future; reflects the characteristics of a great Head Girl at The Sheffield Private School. It requires learning true commitment and determination to represent a school like TSPS because it sets the standards for leadership. What makes a successful Student leadership Team? To encourage and motivate your fellow students: be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy and responsible for the well-being all around you.

TSPS has become a compassionate community that has allowed me to become the leader I am today. An institution whereby my teachers are my mentors; my mentors become my family. Despite spending hours in their company, every moment away seems to be an ephemeral eternity.

Wollace Antonio, Deputy Head Boy

I believe every person has the capability to reach the top of their mountain. Perseverance is the key. Strive for what you want and what you believe in and every person should have a growth mindset. In The Sheffield Private School, every child is given the opportunity and encouragement to be the best of themselves, not only academically, but also vocationally. The Sheffield Private School recognises multiple intelligences and thus caters to the needs of every student and supports them in developing their individual skills.

Throughout my years here at The Sheffield Private School, I have been given opportunities to elevate my self-esteem and confidence; presented with the position of Deputy head boy is more than what I could have dreamed about. I appreciate the school’s belief in me; allowing me to show my talents and leadership qualities. I guess I am learning to lead tomorrow. The academic choices, experiences and learning opportunities given to me, I as well as most students of TSPS are able to tackle real life situations and apply our knowledge and skills. The wide range of subject choices, this school has broadened our path to a brighter future.

Shreya Matthews, Deputy Head Girl

Passion is the essence of life. Without the passion to learn, to grow and to achieve, the world as we know it would not exist. My motto in life is to find beauty in everything I do and to be passionate about it, even when it challenges me.

After 11 years as a Sheffield Private School student, being motivated and inspired by my seniors, I have been granted the opportunity to ignite the same flame of passion in all students at TSPS. I am grateful to have been given the responsibility to lead on initiatives across the school to maximise student potential and nurture individuality. Working in collaboration with the TSPS teaching team has allowed me to flourish as a leader.

School is inarguably the best time of our lives; I have complete faith in continuing my journey in developing our future generations at TSPS who are learning to lead tomorrow – to live everyday embracing their individuality without fear of judgment; to prepare to enter the world with the greatest gift our school years could grant upon us: the passion to succeed!


    Our Vision at TSPS is to ensure that we are preparing our learners of today for higher education and then careers beyond school.
    We are a constantly evolving school with a clear focus on holistic education, which aims to develop our students academically and personally. We are striving to equip all of our students with the skills needed to become invaluable members of our society.


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