School admission for children can be a stressful process for Parents. We strive to make it as easy as possible. Our friendly staff and admission officer is always available to assist you with the admission process.

The process primarily comprises of 4 stages;

Enquiry > Application > Assessment > Enrolment

Admission Contact

Please contact us using any of the above mechanism and someone will be able to assist you immediately


You may use the admission enquiry form to ask any questions regarding the admission process.

We also welcome parents to schedule an in-person meeting and school tour to get to know our school & educational process.

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To apply for a seat in TSPS, you are required to complete an admission application form and submit that along with admission fees at school.

You may fill out the online application form or download an offline version and fill that manually as well (in BLOCK letters).

Please note during the application process, following documents will be required for each applicant,

  • 6 recent Passport Size Photographs
  • Students
    • Birth Certificate
    • Passport Copy
    • Most Recent Nursery or School Report

Following are useful links,


All application are reviewed and you will be contacted via email from the admission office to explain the status of your application and the next steps.
Based on different criteria, students may be required to sit for an assessment process. You will be notified of the requirement from admission office.


If your application process and subsequent assessment is successful, you will be sent an offer for enrolment via Email. To secure the seat offered, a non-refundable seat confirmation fee needs to be deposited before given deadline.

All offers are contigent upon completion of all outstanding documentation before start of school.

Students transferring from other schools must share the transfer letter for review by Admissions as soon as they’re available from your previous school. For students travelling from overseas to Dubai, please note that we strongly recommend getting the transfer letter before arriving to Dubai and getting that attested as required by local authorities here.

You can find a sample format for the Transfer Letter here.

Understand Age Requirements & Difference Between Grading & Year Group System

It is important and useful to understand the difference between grading system used in ‘Other’ curriculum schools and the Year group system used in ‘UK’ curriculum schools. Following table describes the grade & year equivalence along with recommended pupil age that should be used for placement of students. It explains when the educational journey should start in Dubai if a child goes to a UK curriculum school or ‘Other’ curriculum schools.

Age 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17+
UK Year-Group FS1 FS2 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13
OtherGrades Pre-KG KG1 KG2 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12

Other curriculum: US, Indian, Private-MOE, IB, Pakistani, French, Philippines, Japanese, Russian, German

Documents & Attestation Requirements

  • All documents submitted needs to be either in English or Arabic
  • Documents in other languages must be translated to English by a legal translation office. A copy of both original & the translated document needs to be provided along with application.
  • Following documents are required as part of the Application Process,
    • Recent Passport Photo of the Student (6 numbers)
    • Copy of Students Valid Passport (2 copies), Copy of Parents Valid
    • Passport (1 copy)
    • Copy of Students Emirates ID & Residency Visa (2 copies). Copy of Parents Emirates ID & Residency Visa (1 copy). In case these are under processing, then copies of the registration form to ascertain the application process would be required.
    • Copy of students Birth Certificate in English / Arabic (needs to be attested by respective authorities if required)
    • Copy of student’s vaccination record (1 copy)
    • Original Transfer Certificate (attested, if applicable, as per UAE KHDA requirements)
    • A Letter of Good Conduct from the previous school (from Year 1 onward) (Mandatory)
    • Continuation Certificate ( for Year 1 onwards) ( Compulsory)

Transfer Certificate Requirements

  • For students coming from Dubai the transfer will be via KHDA e-portal, please complete the transfer formalities in old school.
  • For students coming from other Emirates / countries compliance with KHDA/MOE regulations require a Transfer Certificate (TC) from you child’s current/previous school. (a recommended format can be found here).
  • Students coming from countries other than USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand & Western European region should have the original Transfer Certificate attested by the folllowing Authorities.
    • Ministry of Education (from country of TC origin)
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (from country of TC origin)
    • UAE Embassy (from country of TC origin)
  • Students coming from Kuwait, Baharin, Oman, Qatar or Saudi Arab need to have the original Transfer Certificate attested by Ministry of Education (from country of TC origin).
  • Students transferring from schools within the UAE, should have Ministry Approved Transfer Certificate.

Additional Information

  • Please complete the additional information section of Application Form and provide full
    details of any special educational needs, individual education plans (IEPs) and any
    Educational Psychologist’s or other therapists reports available.
    • As per Parents School Contract, parents are expected to:
      Provide the school with copies of all medical, psychological or educational assessments or
      reports before entry to the school.
    • Parents need to notify the principal in writing if they are aware or suspect that their child (or anyone in his
      or her immediate family) has a learning difficulty, and the parents must provide the school
      with copies of all written reports and other relevant information.

In the light of the directive from the Ministry of Education, the school campus will remain closed until further notice.

During this period all our staff is working remotely and students are receiving their lessons via an e-learning platform.

Contact information for parents and those who wish to enquire about admissions is give below:

For General Enquiries or main Reception please call +971 56 415 9408

For Admissions, you can email on [email protected] or call +971 58 579 4359

For Accounts, you can email on [email protected] or call +971 58 586 2773

We wish you good health and look forward to getting back to normal schooling in near future.


    Our Vision at TSPS is to ensure that we are preparing our learners of today for higher education and then careers beyond school.
    We are a constantly evolving school with a clear focus on holistic education, which aims to develop our students academically and personally. We are striving to equip all of our students with the skills needed to become invaluable members of our society.


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